Coyote Wild and Calm

Coyote! Twice! Wild and calm. Close to the trail. lying, scratching, sitting, unconcerned and peaceful, curious. Later down the trail – Dogs. Robust and frightened. Alone. Sea anemone plant with tiny caterpillars asleep in the leaves, tiny flies pollinating busily, each beautiful waving tendril of pink a seed. Even in a most unyielding environment a seed will persevere and generate life – even beyond self. Little red and black hemipteras. Beautiful graceful grass, each seed an arrow, twisted tight like cordage, ending with a wisp of curled wing, the surface covered with tiny hairs to catch the air.

Melanie’s meditation, recognizing that the coyote is in her element – like the frog was showing me when I asked for an intimacy guide – how I needed to come out from my “out-of-element-ness” of dry land, practical ordinary reality, and into the creative flow that is the river, be in my own element where I can be in flow. Seeing the puzzle pieces fitting together even more – when Melanie did the session for me and my guide was looking to remove the energetic interference, she (mountain lion) walked paw over paw, criss cross over my body, up and down, up and down. I see that she was integrating my right and left side – my ordinary and non ordinary, my spirit and body, my creative and practical. I have become unbalanced – I realize I need more time in my non-ordinary, wild self. I am a shaman – I can cross the boundaries of realities. My natural home, my gifts are in that ability – to hear the language of other creatures so that I can TELL their tales. So that I express them into the ordinary reality that so needs them.

I journeyed to lower world and coyote was waiting for me. What is the nature of your message. And like with mountain lion, I lay down on the earth and she also walked paw over paw, criss cross over my body, up and down, up and down. Are you my Healing guide? I asked. And she just kept walking, criss cross and then around and around me in a circle. Then around me and in a figure 8 connecting in the stump where Lyra always sits – connecting in a continuous loop – as i say in my prayer of sun salutations my self to the larger self of Nature – balancing and integrating. It was time to go so quickly but it was enough time. And as I came out I felt so peaceful, so grounded, and calm, my body Still in a way it hasn’t felt in a bit. Definitely a healing guide. Able to sit for so long afterwards, integrating and balancing. as meditating a little sound of rock tumbling.

When I am done meditating, a heart-shaped piece of mica is in my hat. An arrow seed next to it.