Well lookout that. if i just switched around my values 180 from always valued to least value, then we’d be in our culture. no fucking wonder i don’t value ‘ power and authority / in THIS culture! and how ironic and fortuitous? that now those are the 2 thongs i crave for me and all of us of the feminine / earthly persuasion , may we wrest power. May we inspire. may we have power with . may we realize we fucking have the authority to lead this beautiful earth and not that fuckhead who is destroying it once crap after another.

damn we have authority to get rid of that. Damn right. Danm right.

so i’m switching it up – i will ‘join” your values but in MY way. And a may you join my values of family, environment, health, personal and spiritual growth, and intimacy. i wish for you those things. i wish for all of us those things. life is truly beautiful with them. it is so exquisite and precious thalike looking into a sparkling diamond rainbows alight .  the eyes of that little girl and that soul partner.

So…what power my power look like? If i had power over and I could wave my magic wand  – No! just look at them with my eyes, and i could instantly make them kind. that really would solve a lot of problems. ‘Kind’ meaning  recognizing that we are all of the same kind. we are kin.

Yes. making this dump truck kind would really be magic. and maybe thats why – he’s been so ridiculed and made fun of his whole like and then by the president and even tho he had millions of $ or maybe whatever no one wanted to be his friend – he had been given a golden ticket and discarded, figuring money wold Mae up for it? Maybe he had as supervise mom and dad who really loved hi . i don’t actually know. but I could see it.

so then how do you help a wounded child – a child a small being who is rejected even tho he ‘played’ the game right – or he was handed the winning hand and still everyone thought he was a loser. As so. he became one. in a big time douche bag way. go big or go home.

Ok, so to have the power over…i wold send dump truck / wounded child to some serious interventionist compassion therapy. just .that guy needs some love. because you know what. NO one loves him. not his kid, wife. for very good reason but all the same.

Then i would convene the Senate and I would magically turn them all nice. and we’d watch funny cats videos in the Senate together. and then we’d have some fucking good musicians come and play Senate House dance parties (with some House music – ha ha) — all kinds of music to appeal to the republican fucksers too.

Then they’d all have funny cat viewing videos sharing parties (you know – this is the interventionist compassion therapy right here – baby animals. it really is the secret in making purple soup.) back in their districts and dance parties too – get young people involved.

ok let me at ‘em. I want to be the next democratic strategist. Because we need to seriously shake things up – just shake – can’t get too much worse – toilets just toss it all up in the air and get some wacky and wild (like it already is) and see what happens?!

Ok – so now. how to get me the authority and power to be ab etc do that… I made need a sense of adventure for that task. Hmmmm.

If i want that power and authority to have a massive compassion intervention on the country then i better well embrace and spirit of adventure. that manes i’ll need courage. and bravery i just like the word bravery. the feel of its spelling.

OK so if i embrace adventure.. what would that adventure look like? If my goal is to host a massive compassion intervention – i think i just start a petition….the avaaz thing.

Its Called Purple Soup.

So it looks like what I’m going for is

Authority. Power. Recognition. and for thay i need it to be an Adventure. with lots of fun  and sillynesee and weirdness and cuteness and sweetncess.

Yes. powered by my values, those are my goals. so that I may get those values the Recognition they fucking deserve, as in our fucking body and soul and life we are here but for the grace of Her.

Ok. so we got cat videos. sweet. were so going to win . for you know how many people watch cat videos?1,986,938,945,651(i don[r even know if that astronomical?)

Ok. gotta go play with that cat.

Most valued = foundation / your power

Least valued = your goal / where you’re going

Sometimes valued. = what tools you need to get there. also Often Vlued – these are like Tool / secret powers carddds.

omg it like a game of life.