Restless and Impatient

I am feeling restless and annoyed…CPE says “…int he resent the topside world and ideas pale and for a time we shall be restless and unsatisfied for the satisfaction, the fulfillment is in the process of being born in the inner reality….What we hunger for is of the other world, the world that sustains our lives as women.”

I am impatient with this stupid destructive world. and impatient for the slowness of my own ability to shift it. She says it (the next creative spark) is brought forth by waiting – just like pregnancy. And i want to be positive because I know positive begets positive, however the election. so much at stake. and such a dumb system. so many disenfranchised. So many voting machines owned by those on the other side. so archaic our electoral college – or really just so lacking in common sense. its crazy-making to live in a world that makes no sense whatsoever.

SO what is my intention today. My intention is to reconnect to that beautiful drive for self-expression.