Even if all I did for the rest of my days was express gratitude, it would not be enough time for all of the things I feel grateful for. (and I plan to live to 100).

Here is a very very short list

  • my health and the health of my whole family
  • my body
  • my hair
  • my partner
  • my daughter
  • my family
  • my parents
  • my in-laws
  • my sisters and brother
  • my friends
  • my mind
  • the night sky
  • stars
  • redwood trees
  • my ‘boss’
  • my work that feeds me body and soul
  • our beautiful, warm, light, and lived-in Home
  • Lake Merritt and the way it brings cultures and skin colors together
  • the Grand Lake Theatre – its beauty, the way it proclaims and embodies its value for justice
  • our neighbors – their love of Eyla and Lovie and plants and bikes!
  • my whale mug
  • jasmine pearl tea and whoever it is who rolled up each of the leaves
  • Eyla’s confidence
  • my parents’ fierceness
  • my 5-year journal
  • this day off from work
  • pink clouds in the morning
  • the view of trees outside our kitchen window
  • the moon
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