Soul Part Exchange

I told my mom about the soul part exchange

after a wander in her garden

made me realize I am wandering in her soul

her particular permutation of life force

hummingbirds zooming in my ear

invisible wings still body gulping with purple brilliant throat

Mint bounding up around the pump hose, sing and enlivening in my mouth

a chunky lizard watching warily on the fire station wall

Nests crammed in the vent rafters

cottonwood drifting like a romance

scarlet tanager crunching her way through sunflower seeds

mullein so proud

teeming with life and experiencing, expressing, rippling it out to me


We take Harry and Rosie for a walk.

The owl on my shoulder wisdom and mystery, seeing in the dark, intuition and vision – she a holder and embodiment of your soul and vision.

So grateful for it because this landscape is the vision you could not express – your agency had a handle to others on the outside – not opened from within.