Soul Part Exchange Part 1

First – My Parts in Her

Where do you feel / see any parts of your soul in her as you do a body scan in minds eye…

Lighting her bones from within. All her bones.

But not her head – not even her own mind knows they’re there but they clearly form a foundation.

How does it feel to think about having that soul part back?

I can see that it might be hard to let it go because they are all lit up and perhaps give her the glow she has – but she also doesn’t know it is there so…but maybe she will feel energy gone? But maybe her energy will now be able to drain from her mind into her body bones. Also I felt her getting light energy force from the gardening – from the soil – seeping up into her hands from the earth. Beautiful.

Ask your guide to help return this soul part to you. 

Mountain Lion sniffed / inhaled it all up from her bones and brought it to me in NM landscape / Lyra rock. I’m sitting in a meditative pose (lotus). Mountain Lion sniffs and nudges, ‘throws up’ a pile of light in between crossed legs at base of root chakra and it seeps up into me. She is behind me, her sitting, her head on mine. Maybe she is inhaling it up – into my own body and bones.

What do you want to tell your mom about taking this part back?

You don’t need to hold these pieces anymore – I can hold my own light (canI?). She doesn’t need to protect it and now I need it. I need that light in my bones. Thank you for keeping it safe and now it is time to have it back so that I can shone my own light.

Her Soul Parts in Me

Where in your body do you feel something? 

I do a body scan and just pay attention to where I actually feel something – maybe a little discomfort or just a grain of noticement.

I feel an ache in my left shoulder / neck area.

I feel a thickness in my throat.

I feel a twinge of discomfort in my low abdomen, through to very base of spine.

What does each of these spots look / feel like?

Looks like outstretched wings of large bird. Feels a bit like an owl, because cylindrical center / face. Talons outstretched – clenching my shoulder?

Abdomen / Back
Like a handle between 2 spots on like a piece of plywood. Plywood little bit of green spray paint. Handle is black.

Feels like another thick tongue extending down throat / kinda blocking passage.

How does it feel to give them back?

Feels like they are cryptic to me so I don’t really understand what they are about and also they were noticeable in a bothersome way so felt good to give them back.

How does mom and higher self mom feel to get them back?

Owl: Happy. Like they are long lost. Owl and she are VERY happy to see each other. Perches not in clenching way on her and she feeds it. Owl nuzzles my mom. Mom has her wings back?

Throat: La! So happy to sing – does her opera singing.

Handle / Door: She seems excited and curious about it, but not familiar with it. But in wonder about it.

She flies away.

The end is with me integrating bone light with Mountain Lion. Her head on mine. Then with her coming around to look straight in my eyes. Matching the internal energy of bone deep presence, mirroring that which she has. Just true calm and regal presence.