RIP Walter

There once was a man named Walter

Whose defiance never did falter

He defied the Man

And found some land

And proceeded to seed it with water.


He tapped the deep springs

and brought it to life

From dry dusty scratch

to verdantly rife


Later and greater,

there came a one Jane

A spirit, a sprite,

always up for a game.


Feathering their nest

She did with aplomb

Creating the most magical

garden, bar none.


Dragons and angels

and secret dark nooks

defying description

by words of a book.


To this garden there came

So many a party

Music and revelry,

All very hardy.


Insights and magic

Full moons and bliss

Dawns of pure radiance

Dragonflies and fish


This land we called Home

Your life’s work and your gift

Gave so much aliveness

And gave us hope we could shift


Our culture of Stuff

Our obsession with money

To one where there’s beauty

And bees who make honey


Thanks to you, we had proof

That clearcuts and dust

Could become green and fertile

With frogs, fish, and US!


Dragon’s Drool shows simply

that Magic IS Real

That’s Anything’s Possible..

It’s a Truth you just feel.


You did it. You lived it.

You showed us the way

Thanks to you came the vision

of a movement to say


We can do it, they did it!

It’s possible, see

Transformation is hard,

but you just have to BE.


Be still and be wild

Watch stars and pick beans

Use sunshine for power

Find out what life really means.


Thank you dear Walter

And thank you dear Jane

You’ve changed us forever

Thanks to you, we are not the same.


Rest in peace Walter. Your legacy is lasting.