What to Expect:

Be the Change

Yes it’s cheesy but its true. Mighty Earthling is one magical weekend of the summer, but also a practice in creating the world we want our children to live in; one in which everyone is positive, open, warm, friendly, helpful, and respectful of other people and creatures.

There are no “staff” so please feel free to jump in and prepare a huge urn of coffee if you are the first one up (all the fixins will be available), pick up a piece of trash, comfort a child that isn’t yours, help someone put up their tent, lead a silly dance routine, etc.

I know you will because so many of you already have:

  • David and Ligia will be helping with supplies for fun musical instruments!
  • Alicia will be offering up assistance making nature-y faery skirts!
  • Betty will be bringing the fixings for TP roll binoculars!
  • Gregory will be leading a nature scavenger hunt!
  • Many of you have offered arts and crafts supplies!
  • Matt, Kaety, and Mike will be bringing their instruments and talent for a sing a long!
  • Jane, our hostess and guardian of the gorgeous land we camp on will be creating a treasure hunt in the magical garden!

The Land:

Jane and Walter Camp, the owners of the beautiful idyll where we will be frolicking have put 30+ years of love and care into the land. Treat it as if it were your beloved home too. This is the very first time they have had an event that is exclusively kid-focused – help make sure its not the last! Some general land rules:

• No glass is allowed by the pond. Bring your own plastic cups to enjoy your beverage of choice
• Make sure to bring a water bottle to enjoy fresh water from Dragon’s Drool
• Rinse off at the outdoor shower before dipping in the pond to remove oils harmful to the plant life.
• Be mindful of the luscious plant life that grows in the pond. Floaties are not generally allowed in the    pond but there is an exception this weekend for kids. No more than 6 floaties at a time.
• Be mindful of the luscious plant life that grows in the garden. It is full of gorgeous flowers and other beauties, but Please do not pick or trample the carefully tended garden beds. Take only pictures, leave only footprints.
• No dogs allowed (or any other pets)
No campfires/portable grills or stoves. Fire hazard! There is a large outdoor communal grill for cooking as well as an outdoor kitchen. Smoking is allowed only by the picnic tables.

Arrival – Participation – Departure

The single most important activity for you this weekend is to relax into the beauty of our surroundings. Take in the garden, the pond, the trees, the mind-blowingly star-filled sky, the hot tub.  We want this event to be as free form and as agenda-less as possible. That said, there is a rhythm and an evolution to the weekend as well as the creation of a short-term, mini community. It is important to have as many of you present for each stage as possible.

The gates open at 11am on Friday August 17th. The drive from the Bay Area will take you about 2.5 – 3 hours. The last bit will be the hardest as it is on a long stretch of dirt road. We will post signs. Pay attention, as it can be tricky, especially if you are arriving after dark. Please plan to arrive before 10pm on Friday night and try not to arrive later than 1pm on Saturday. If you think you will, please let us know by August 14th, as the gate may be locked.

Upon arrival on Friday, take your time to set up camp, get situated. We’ll have a fun orientation treasure hunt to introduce you to the important things. We’ll gather around 5ish to welcome everyone.  This will be followed by dinner, marshmallows, singing, star-gazing.

Saturday will dawn with all kinds of options but first we will gather on the lawn around 8:30 – 9ish for an opening ceremony / puppet show. All Mighty Earthling Scouts must be in attendance! :)  You won’t want to miss it and it will be more fun if your kids are wearing their Mighty Earthling SuperHero Gear (they’ll receive it upon entry). After the puppet show, practice your superhero powers, craft, read, swim, play! Saturday evening’s dinner will be followed by the Wild Rumpus Creature Disco so come dressed as your favorite creature!

Sunday morning we will also gather around 11 to say goodbye and have a super special Mighty Earthling Scout Graduation, performed by the magical and mysterious Walter the Wizard!  Then we will wish all of our newly minted superheroes farewell to begin the next stage of their mission. Those who aren’t staying for strike should be on their way by 2pm.  Drive slow on the way out – it’s vacation until that alarm rings on Monday morning!


Phone Service – Emergencies

There is very spotty cell service from the top of the mountain, but in case of emergency there is a phone in the home of the Camps who live on site. Should an emergency arrive from home and you need to be contacted the number to call is 707-459-4480. We will have a MD on site and directions to the nearest hospital will be printed out and available at the Information Table.


What to Bring and Not Bring

Schedule of Events and Activities