We imagine a world where …

Sunlight powers us and our communities just as it does all other inhabitants of the planet.

Kids and clean air, mountains and whales, kindness and empathy, mothers and women are more valuable than munitions and BMWs, Las Vegas and cruise ships, competition and ‘practicality’, oil executives and Koch brothers.


Where beauty is found just as easily in the lines in one’s face as it is in their absence; where beauty is a function of being truly and vibrantly alive, no matter your age.

Where magic is not manufactured and confined to kingdoms that charge admission. A world where magic is found everywhere, if you know how to see – in light through the leaves, in the swirl of steamed milk, in that puppy’s sheer joy in being alive.

Where success is measured by how greatly you have contributed to a healthy future for the next generation of children and creatures, not the opposite;  a world where one will not have to choose between making a living and making living worthwhile.