We will be camping at a mountain retreat and organic garden called Camp & Sons (so named for Walter and Jane Camp and their sons). It is located in Willits, CA.

The drive from the Bay Area will take you about 3 hours. The last bit will be the hardest as it is on a long stretch of dirt road. We will post signs. Pay attention, it is quite tricky, especially if you are arriving after dark. Please plan to arrive before 10pm on Friday night and try not to arrive later than 1pm on Saturday. If you think you will, please let us know by August 14th, as the gate may be locked.

Directions to Camp & Sons, 12650 Hearst Road, Wilits, CA

Take 101 North to Willits, CA. As you are approaching town, look for the McDonalds, KOA and Chevron billboards on left hand side of road. You are looking for Baechtel Road where you will go right. Then follow the directions above. DO NOT USE GOOGLE FOR this part.

Here are a few photos of landmarks to look for:

Camp & Sons Mailbox. Take this road up the hill.

This is what the road looks like just beyond the mailbox.