Our mission is to balance the time we now spend attached to technology with time spent connecting to nature and one another… Our mission is to provide an experience 




Of kinship, of expansive connection to something beyond self – a tree, the stars, a friend, a good funky beat.

Of each moment – what it looks, smells, feels like, unattached to any agenda, any future or past. Just a pure moment of being.

Of wonder and awe.

Of remembering what it feels like to be a kid – when anything really was possible, when magic really was real. When we experience this collectively, we make it true.

Experience creates values. If we only experience digital connections, urban environments, and material acquisition, we cannot help but value and recreate them.

If we experience the wonder of the milky way on a moonless night, laughter of friends harmonizing with the purr of crickets, a community where material is not for status but for sharing, perhaps those experiences will seep into our cells, feed our souls and put fierce dedication to preserving this magical  planet into our hearts.

Our children are the keystone species – so goes their experience, so goes our world. Step away from the computer. Go outside. Our life depends on it.